Teaser Tabaluga

Tabalugaat Inge-Glas

Just as INGE-GLAS TABALUGA conveys timeless values that are now needed more than ever in a seemingly value-free society.

On his journey through life TABALUGA experienced very human things like friendship, love and hate.

His attitude and his adventures intended among others to raise awareness of the young generation, at the same time they are entertainment for the whole family.


Success, they say, has many fathers.

Peter Maffay, Gregor Rottschalk and Rolf Zuckowski are the godparents of TABALUGA. They gave the little dragon a name, Helme Heine gave him a shape.

Inge's Christmas Decor GmbH has acquired the license for the production and distribution of Tabaluga Christmas decorations.

An attractive packaging and a Sale poster promote sales as well as a new CD released in the end of 2015, an associated tour of Peter Maffay in the end of 2016, and a movie, scheduled for September 2017.


„Flyer Tabaluga"

Seven TABALUGA ornaments

Besides the snowman Arktos and the Ice Princess Lilli five different TABLUGA ornaments are produced in the "INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR".


Love for detail

Mouth-blown and with great attention to detail this special Christmas tree decoration is made by hand.



TABALUGA visited INGE-GLAS at Christmasworld 2015



NEW. Our catalogs 2016

NEW. Our catalogs 2016

The new MAGIC and MANUFAKTUR catalogs of INGE-GLAS will be released in late January. Be sure to reserve your personal copy today.