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INGE GLASA modern company with tradition

Inge's Christmas Decor GmbH is a modern company with a rich tradition. It has its headquarters in the North Bavarian town of Neustadt bei Coburg, nestled between the regions of Upper Franconia and the Thuringian Forest, the cradle of glass Christmas tree decorations.

This is where our family business was born.

Traditional craftsmanship, embedded in a modern business and rooted in the region, is behind the creation of glass ornaments whose festive radiance never ceases to enchant.

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24,000 sq.m.

24,000 sq.m. of plant area at three locations in and around Neustadt bei Coburg.

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High-bay warehouse

A high-bay warehouse with 6,000 pallet spaces combined with a advanced warehouse logistics are a guarantee for an excellent deliverability.

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120 empoyees

120 qualified employees are the cornerstone of our business success.

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250 pallets

Up to 250 pallets of Christmas decorations leave our warehouse day-to-day.

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14th generation

The family Müller-Blech is now active for 14 generations in the glassmaking craft.

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Thousands of items

The MANUFAKTUR collection is manufactured exclusively in Germany. It solely comprises 1,800 items.

Visit the Old Christmas Factory


Opening times in the Christmas season 2017/18:

friday, 29. September 2017

until friday , 5. Januar 2018

Monday to Saturdayday: 9:30 am - 6.00 pm

Sunday: 1:00 pm - 6.00 pm

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The Old Christmas Faktory

A unique shopping experience for children and adults: In our gift shop you will find special, individual and original products for every occasion.


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German Historical
Christmas Museum

If you always wanted to know how your parents, grandparents and previous generations have celebrated Christmas, then you will find the answers here.


NEW. Our catalogs 2018

NEW. Our catalogs 2018

The new MAGIC and MANUFAKTUR catalogs of INGE-GLAS will be released in late January. Be sure to reserve your personal copy today.