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Discover already today the trends of tomorrow

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo, French poet, 1802 - 1885


Our glassworking expertise is drawn from a centuries-old tradition of skilled workmanship, a sensitivity to the material, the use of the best possible materials, the commitment of our employees, and the high quality standards to which we submit ourselves and all of our products throughout all stages of production.

Good design stems from a passion for colour and form and familiarity with the technical possibilities and limitations. It is interested in current developments and draws on topical issues, while never losing respect for the material, glass.

We are proud to present extensive new collections every year, collections that are devised, developed and produced within our company.


Christmas in sensual colors

 The Christmas Trend Group explores today the trends of tomorrow – and from this develop fresh ideas and sales-enhancing product ranges. Let yourself be inspired by our trend recommendations for profitable Christmas sales in 2018.