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Christmas decoration trends 2023

In our turbulent everyday lives, we long for small moments of relaxation. Tender, reduced colour mixes with transparent and matt balls have a calm and unagitated effect. Eucalyptus is reflected in the colour scheme and the decors and underlines the clean naturalness of the unobstrusive theme. Compact shapes in combination with filigree, natural patterns are timeless and this give us a moment to breathe and rest.

This year, Christmas shines in vibrant red and rich green. The classic colours are combined with black and silver tones, with white serving as accent. The stylised nature motives as mini patterns let the decorations look young and reduced. The letering makes the Christmas decorations look homemade. Despite the modern style, the collection does not lose its traditional look.

We lean back comfortably on the sofa and enjoy a cup of tea. The harmonious combination between cool turquoise and warm orange and brown tones brings the cosiness of a modern country house into our home. Animals and plants from local forests complement the colour ensemble and are reflected in the decors. Squirrels, owls, cones and acorns add liveliness to the theme.

In the cold wintertime, we like to retreat. Sparkling candlelight spreads a soft, romantic mood. Lilac and apricot colours harmonise enchantingly with mild green and lovely pink tones. Vintage patterns, tendrils and floral motives glitter appropriately in gold and are complemented by baroque shapes.

The colour combination of black, brown and splendid red looks elegant and noble. Versatile all-over patterns form a harmonious contrast to the deep colour-mixes. Golden accents and glittering stones add a glamorous touch. Combined with velvet, we create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere.