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Christmas Trend Group

Within a very short time, the concentrated design competence of "Christmas Trend Group" (CTG) convinced professionals in the industry and the retail trade.

With unique trend collections of products that harmonize synergetically with each other, the CTG members began offering the retail trade new inspiration and exciting sales-promotion concepts.


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Polar night

... reflects the unfathomable and vast nature of the wintry polar night. Multi-faceted granulates and candles with textured, almost metallic surfaces try to out-sparkle the stars in the sky. Rhinestone appliqués add brilliant radiance to Christmas ornaments and decorative satin ribbons. And anywhere glitter and tinsel are not in charge of the highlights, multicoloured star motifs on wrapping papers, gift bags and serviettes have the polar night shining everywhere.

La maison d 'or

... lets the golden times roll! From honey and champagne to pure gold, the most precious of all colours is omnipresent in all its diversity. Textured Christmas tree ornaments, decorative accessories and candles seem as if dipped in gold dust or covered with gold leaf. Golden angels appear as figurine candles, while gilded glass birds adorn the tree. Granulates that look like precious beads complement paper products printed with gold, adding a golden sheen to the sophisticated new look.

Most wonderful time

... revives memories of the good old days. Polka-dot and chequered decorative ribbons and wrapping papers present themselves in traditional Christmas red, with monochrome candles in simple motifs. The hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments take on shapes, retelling the Christmas story as Santa Claus or a jolly snowman. Serviettes display toadstool photoprint patterns while fancy borders invigorate gift bags. Santa Claus as a gift pendant or ribbon motif is certainly a must here.

Down to earth

... has a vitalizing effect and homey feeling, like a walk in the woods. Authentic motifs such as forest animals, cones, nuts and conifer twigs on printed products, as well as glass ornaments in the shapes of cones, acorns and birds bring a piece of nature home. Granulates are reminiscent of stones, bits of wood and loose pine needles. Candles shaped like evergreens and cones go well with the natural hues of green and brown. The power and beauty of earthy nature are perfectly presentable.

Winter morning

... is toying with the harmony of the soft colours. A winter's morning in hues of lightblue to mint and soft yellow to rosé is spread over wax and paper products in gentle waves. Christmas tree baubles take on a satin, matte sheen, while decorative ribbons shimmer softly. Photorealistic motifs of winter sceneries are combined with calligraphically curved patterns. And pastel granulates in irregular shapes underline the fragility of this wintry Christmas mood.