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Inge-Glas | Wanderer, Edelweis, Bayerischer Hut, Kuhglocke

Lime lemonade – Recipe

The summer temperatures are perfect for a picnic while hiking, in the park or your own garden with a homemade lime lemonade.
Trendthema Nobel Rose

Webshop opening

Inges Christmas Decor opened an Online-Shop for retailers in March 2020. The webshop is available in German and English. Loyal and new customers can now register at www.inge-glas-de/shop.
Inge-Glas | Champage

May Wine Punch – Recipe

It’s time for woodruff. Have you ever tried a homemade May Wine Punch? You can find a great and simple recipe here!
Inges Christmas Decor | Trendkollektion 2020 - Winter Woodland

Christmastrends 2020

Inges Christmas Decor is one of the European market leaders in the Christmas tree decorations sector. One reason for this is the trend themes developed and implemented in the three collections INGE-GLAS® Manufaktur, MAGIC by Inge and CHRISTMAS GOODS by Inge. …
INGE-GLAS | Pierrot Glasornament

The fifth season

Carnival is in the house and there are no limits to creativity. Whether bought or homemade – the streets will be colorful again! Our little Pierrot from the INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR is already dressed up and made up, full of anticipation for the foolish time! …
Inge-Glas | Schneekinder

Snow Kinder – an old tradition

As early as 1905, porcelain snow babies in sizes ranging from 5 cm to over 25 cm were produced in Thuringian manufactories. They depict cheerfully playful children in those frosty and snowy winter times. Today they are popular …
Inge-Glas | Christmasworld 2020

Inges Christmas Decor at Christmasworld

Christmasworld is the leading international trade fair for Christmas decorations. The INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR collection can be found in Hall 11.0 Stand C 30, the MAGIC by Inge and the CHRISTMAS GOODS by Inge collection …
Inge-Glas | Christbaum mit Zipfelmütze

How long can the Christmas tree stay?

The Christmas holidays are over and have left their mark on the Christmas tree. Some trees drop their needles and are therefore disposed of at the beginning of January. There are different deadlines for …
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