Teaser Manufaktur

Enchanting glass ornaments for everlasting memories

A place where traditional craftmanship
and modern design come together

The Christmas decorations product line "INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR" leaves no wishes unfulfilled. It is handmade in Germany using traditional methods.
It is home to both the historical and the trendy avant-garde, the classical and the curious. Our beautiful antique moulds, current trends and fashions and the interplay of color and shape take equally effect on the collection.
With experience and with great care every single glass ornament is mouth-blown in-house manufactory and finished with sterling silver. With great attention to detail handmade glass jewelry is produced in the highest quality and with lasting value.
The Star Crown® guarantees that you hold an authentic ornament of INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR in your hands.

The Legend of the Christmas Pickle

This original custom brings alive the spirit of gift giving.
The lucky person is the first one to find the glass pickle hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree. Whoever finds the pickle is rewarded with an additional gift. The cheery pickle game is popular among children and grown-ups alike with the larger pickle reserved for the little ones and the smaller pickle for the big ones.
We wish you lots of joy searching for the pickle together.



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NEW. Our catalogs 2018

NEW. Our catalogs 2018

The new MAGIC and MANUFAKTUR catalogs of INGE-GLAS will be released in late January. Be sure to reserve your personal copy today.