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13.02.2024 |  |  Marketing

Annual Ornament 2024

Inge’s Christmas Decor presents the Annual Ornament 2024

Every year, Inge’s Christmas Decor presents the ornament of the year from the product line INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR – hand-blown and hand-painted manufactory Christmas ornaments. This ornament is created with special care and time, the development extends over many months. In numerous passes, decisions are made about shape, colour and decoration. Several samples are worked out and evaluated before the ornament is in its finished form. Each annual ornament is produced for only one year and is marked with the respective year of production. Therefore, the contingent is limited. The gift boxed annual ornament is collected gladly, so that the personal collection of tree ornaments is supplemented with a very special glass ornament every year.

Ornament of the year 2024 is … 

… a reminder of warmth and customs – the traditional German Father Christmas. Wrapped in a brown coat, also known as Saint Nicholas, he transforms 6 December into a magical day of joy. He visits the children, laden with small gifts and sweets, and fills the air with anticipation of Christmas. Amidst songs, poems and the children, he brings kindness and hope for the coming year. Father Christmas, a symbol of generosity and compassion, embodies the spirit of giving. He transforms Christmas into a radiant celebration that warms hearts and celebrates the joy of love.



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