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14.02.2024 |  |  Marketing

Christmas trends 2024

Inge’s Christmas Decor presents the new trends 2024

Inge’s Christmas Decor is one of the European market leaders in the field of glass Christmas decorations. A reason for this are the trend themes, developed and implemented in the three collections INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR and MAGIC by Inge. At Inge’s Christmas Decor, clever design corresponds to the passion for form and colour and the knowledge of what is technically feasible. With the current Christmas decoration trends, Inge’s Christmas Decor reflects contemporary themes and never loses respect for the material glass.

More information about the collections:

Discover the Christmas decoration trends of tomorrow

Every year, Inge’s Christmas Decor develops extensive new trend collections, which are presented now. 

  • Festive Fun: Classic shades like red, green, and white boldly merge with pink and black. Different materials such as kraft paper, shiny glass and fine porcelain create a diverse atmosphere.
  • Fairy Tales: Light, delicate apricot-pink tones are predominant. A world of magic and nostalgia is waiting here.
  • Green Balance: The combination of lush green tones and strong earth tones conveys a feeling of peace and security.
  • Snow Walk: Simple basic elements merge with decorative elements to create a calm, monochrome atmosphere. The design is simple and graphic, dominated by subtle, tonal shades.
  • Ruby Nights: The fusion of passion and elegance results in a classic and timeless symbiosis. Rich, warm dark tones create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. 

More information about the trends:

Experience the trends in one of our showrooms

In the Inge’s Christmas Decor showrooms in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria or Brühl near Cologne, the latest trends and the three different product lines are presented: INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR – hand-blown and handmade manufactured Christmas decorations, MAGIC by Inge – Christmas tree decorations from industrial production as well as Christmas decorations. About 4,000 glass articles on an area of over six hundred sqm arouse great enthusiasm among the visitors.



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