Teaser Produktionsprozess

Enchanting glass ornamentsmanufactured to centuries-old tradition

THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS - handmade in germany


A hollow glass tube is chosen based on the size and dimensions of the ornament to be created. The glassblower manually rolls the tube with his fingers over the hot flame until it is pliant. One end of the tube is sealed in the flame and once the glass is ready, the glassblower will place it into the mould. The mould is clamped down around the glass while the blower breathes steadily into the glass tube to press the glass into all crevices of the mould. Experience and instinct are necessary from the glassblower for this first production step. The glass ornament is then placed on sand to cool. After the ornament is blown it is given one full day to rest before it is sent to be silvered.


A liquid sterling silver solution is injected by hand into the glass ornament. The ornament is submerged in hot water to ensure the solution coats on the inside of the entire ornament. INGE-GLAS® uses a generous dosage of this precious metal which gives the ornaments the mirrored reflection and ultimately incomparable beauty and brilliance. The silvered ornament is given one day and one night to completely dry.


Up to thirty single steps are necessary to paint the details on the ornament. Every color is individually applied and painted with the utmost attention and care to details, like eyes, pupils, and eyebrows.
The highly qualified INGE-GLAS® painters are skillful and very experienced. Every ornament is hand painted through all steps by the same artist. This gives it its extraordinary personalized touch and makes each one unique. It takes anywhere from two to four days to complete the painting process.

Star Crown®

In the quality inspection every glass ornament is viewed in detail with the utmost care before it is topped with the worldwide recognized and registered INGE-GLAS® Star Crown®. With its coronation of the Star Crown®, the ornament becomes an everlasting Christmas ornament which was hand crafted following the centuries old tradition in the INGE-GLAS® Manufaktur workshops in Germany.


NEW. Our catalogs 2018

NEW. Our catalogs 2018

The new MAGIC and MANUFAKTUR catalogs of INGE-GLAS will be released in late January. Be sure to reserve your personal copy today.