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02.02.2023 |  |  Marketing

Environmental protection at Inge’s Christmas Decor

Inge’s Christmas Decor starts new cooperation with environmental project

“We love Christmas and of course our planet! “, according to this motto, Inge’s Christmas Decor contributes with various projects and an eco-friendly packaging concept to protect the environment. In 2022, almost the whole product range was offered in an eco-friendly packaging, saving more than 80 % PVC. In 2023, this path will be stringently pursued, and the packaging concept will be further extended. It is sustainable, plastic-free and 100% recyclable and thus contributes to the conservation of resources. The packaging concept is protected as an EU design.

Reusable packaging

For safe storage and damage-free transport of the glass ornaments, the packaging can be used repeatedly.

Recyclable packaging

If the packaging of the glass ornaments is no longer needed, it can simply be disposed of in the paper waste.

Plastic free packaging

The sustainable packaging is produced free of plastic and environmentally harmful synthetics. It consists of 100% renewable raw materials.

In addition, Inge’s Christmas Decor supports various environmental protection projects.

Bergwald Projekt (Mountain Forest project)

The “Bergwald Projekt” is a multi-national environmental and nature conservation organisation that aims to protect, preserve, and care for the forest and its many functions. With the globe ornament, their work is supported and thus the preservation of our native forests. With the purchase of one globe, one helps to stabilise 1m² of forest at Braunlage in the Harz Mountains or in the Fichtel Mountains, by increasing the proportion of deciduous trees. In 2022, 8,640 m² of forest in the Fichtel Mountains and 6,756 m² in the Harz Mountains could be reforested through the “Bergwald Projekt” with the jointly generated donations.

Protect Germany’s Wildlife

Bats fascinate us with their uniqueness – they sleep upside down and glide silently through the night. Unfortunately, almost all species in Germany are threatened with extinction due to the use of chemical substances in agriculture and the destruction of habitats. For every bat ornament sold, 1 € is donated to a project to preserve and expand the habitat of bats in Germany. In 2022, 4,704 € could already be handed over to the German Wildlife Foundation.

German Foundation for Marine Conservation with Project MANAIA

In 2023, another conservation project was added to the portfolio. Protecting the Mediterranean Sea is at the heart of Project Manaia. The focus is on the climate and species protection initiative “Die Meeresgärtner” (The Sea gardeners), in which seagrass meadows are protected and replanted. With the purchase of the sea ornament, climate protection and the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea are supported. For every sea ornament sold, 1 € is donated to the German Foundation for Marine Conservation for a better protection of the Mediterranean Sea, for the preservation of biodiversity and for climate protection.



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