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Inge-Glas | Schneekinder
28.01.2020 |  |  Marketing

Snow Kinder – an old tradition

As early as 1905, porcelain snow babies in sizes ranging from 5 cm to over 25 cm were produced in Thuringian manufactories. They depict cheerfully playful children in those frosty and snowy winter times. Today they are popular collector’s items, richly painted in detail. The variety of the figures manufactured until about 1940 is estimated at over 2,000 pieces.

INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR offers snow kinder ornaments, mouth-blown and hand-painted with great attention to detail in keeping with this old German craft tradition. Various winter scenes are staged with them and the longing for a white winter season, with snow drifting, a sleigh ride and winter joy is awakened anew.

With the snow children of INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR you can bring the white winter magic into your living room. The snow-white glass jewellery is emblazoned on rich pine green and lets shiny children’s eyes shine.

Inge Glas | Schneekind mit Ski
Inge Glas | Schneekind mit Schneemann



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