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Jahresornament 2021
12.07.2021 |  |  Marketing

Annual Ornament 2021

Inges Christmas Decor presents the Annual Ornament 2021

Every year, Inges Christmas Decor presents the ornament of the year from the product line INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR – hand-blown and hand-painted manufactory Christmas ornaments. This ornament is created with special care and time, the development extends over many weeks. In numerous passes, decisions are made about shape, color and decoration. Several samples are worked out until the finished ornament is the result. Each annual ornament is produced for only one year and is marked with the respective year of production. The contingent is therefore limited. The gift boxed annual ornament is collected gladly, so that the personal collection of tree ornaments is supplemented each year by a very special glass ornament.

Ornament of the year 2021 is … 

Our loving Father Christmas in a red coat and white beard, who makes us feel Christmas in our hearts. With his kind look and the sparkling Swarovski heart in his hand, he reminds us to listen more to our heart than our head and to go through the world with a smile on our face. With his warm charisma, he is well disposed towards all humans and lets us know the true values of Christmas. Caring, humanity, compassion, thinking more about other and less about ourselves. To make other people happy and to put a smile on their faces. Because true happiness lies in meeting with people, in conversations with family, friends and acquaintances. Our annual ornament 2021 is dedicated to all Fathers of Christmas who make us think about the important things in life.



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