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Christbäume in unterschiedlichen Größen
10.12.2019 |  |  Marketing

Buy a Christmas tree

The most popular Christmas tree species

SpeciesNordmann firSpruce
Colourgreenblue shimmering
Durabilityvery goodsufficient
UniformUniform growthhabit
Price classexpensivecheap

In this way the Christmas tree stays fresh longer!

The tree should be freshly pruned after purchase and before setting up, so that it can draw water well and last longer. Until the tree is decorated, it must be supplied with water and stored in a cool and dark place. As soon as the tree is in the apartment, it should be checked regularly whether there is still enough water in the Christmas tree stand. Most tree stands are suitable for this.

Christmas tree alternatives

Beside a real Nordmann fir or spruce there are also numerous artificial trees that look very similar to the originals. These are more expensive to buy, but can be used for several years. Modern interpretations of the Christmas tree are also available in metal.

Have fun buying a Christmas tree!

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