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Weihnachtsgurke am Weihnachtsbaum
13.12.2019 |  |  Marketing

The Christmas pickle

This original custom brings alive the spirit of gift giving. The lucky person is the first one to find the glass pickle hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree. Whoever finds the pickle is rewarded with an additional gift. Not only children are enthusiastic about the cheerful pickle game, in which the larger pickle is intended for the little ones and the smaller pickle for the big ones.

The legend of the Christmas pickle

A long time ago in Germany the cheerful custom around the Christmas pickle came into being. Nobody knows when, why or who, one thing is for sure – this tradition still delights everyone today. Hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree, the pickle is the object of the big and small. All children, one hardly believes it, look after the pickle in the Christmas tree. The pickle is big when the children are small; and they will be bigger the other way round. Look left, look right, look up and down, but always leave your hands behind your back. And the first one to find the pickle in the tree, for him it becomes true, the additional pickle dream. Don’t worry, you haven’t won, next year the game will start all over again.

The Christmas pickle is the bestseller

The INGE-GLAS® Christmas pickle was the bestseller at the Nuremberg Christmas Market. After publications in numerous German magazines, e.g. the renowned Frankfurter Allgemeine and presentations in various TV shows, the legend of the Christmas pickle has developed into a fun game for the whole family. Children of all ages are looking for the glass pickle hidden in the Christmas tree. In order to keep the charm, one chooses with increasing age ever smaller pickle ornaments. The efforts are of course also rewarded, because whoever discovers the Christmas pickle first can look forward to an additional gift. For everyone else: New chance – next year!

We wish you a lot of fun searching together.

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