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Zwei Frauen schmücken einen Christbaum
21.12.2019 |  |  Marketing

Christmas Tree Decorating


In which order is the Christmas tree decorated? How many balls, pendants, etc. are needed for a tree? Which colours can be combined? Which colours are trendy?
For a tree of 1,50 m at least 100 parts are needed.

Harmonious colour combinations

  • Gold with red, blue, green, black or violet
  • Silver with red, blue, rosé or green
  • White with red, blue, rosé or silver
  • Different colour nuances of one colour

Trend colours

  • Strong colours: red, grape, black, gold, blue-green
  • Warm colours: red, beige, brown
  • Muted colours: blue, beige, grey
  • Pastel shades: violet, mint, white
  • Rosé

Order of decoration

  1. First attach the chain of lights – from top to bottom.
  2. In the second step the Christmas tree balls are hung on the branches. Hang the big balls downwards and the small balls upwards.
  3. Next, pendants, ribbons, bows, berries, etc. are evenly distributed in the tree. Heavy parts should be hung on the strong branches so that the tree ornaments don‘t overstrain the branches.
  4. Hang tinsel and garlands in the tree from top to bottom.
  5. Now the finial is attached. Possibly the tree top must be cut something for this. Optionally also a bow or a star can be fastened as crowning conclusion.
  6. Attach wireless lights and real candles incl. candle holder as last. With real candles make sure that no tree decoration hangs directly over it.

Have fun decorating your Christmas tree!



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