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Inge-Glas | Wanderer, Edelweis, Bayerischer Hut, Kuhglocke
09.06.2020 |  |  Marketing

Recipe for a homemade lime lemonade

The summer temperatures are perfect for a picnic while hiking, in the park or your own garden with a homemade lime lemonade.

Ingredients for about 3 ½ cups lime lemonade:

Water:           ½ cup + 2 ½ cups (medium or sparkling mineral water)

Sugar:            4 oz.

Limes:            5 pieces (yield approx. 1 cup lime juice)

Ice cubes:      8 pieces


Step 1: Mix ½ cup of water and 4 oz. of sugar in a pot and bring to the boil.

Step 2: Halve the limes and squeeze them. If necessary, the collected juice can be passed through a sieve again. Add the lime juice with the ice cubes in the pot and stir until the ice has melted. Allow the lime to cool and then add 2 ½ cups of water.

Inge-Glas | Wanderer, Edelweis



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