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Nikolaus aus Glas | Entstehung
06.12.2019 |  |  Marketing

This is how our Santa Claus comes into being

Before our Santa Claus shines in his red coat, many work steps are necessary: from the production of the glass blowing mould to the painting and quality inspection.


Mould Construction

First, Santa Claus is designed with a modelling clay. Details such as the face are carefully worked out. When the mould is finished, an impression is made of it to produce the final glass mould.


In the next step, the glass can be heated and blown in the Santa Claus shape. The glass must first cool down before Santa Claus can be further processed.


A silver solution is filled via the mouthpiece, which the glassblower needs to inflate Santa Claus, and it covers the inside of the glass.


Until Santa Claus is finished, about 30 steps are necessary. First the form is dipped into a basic color, then many single steps follow, in order to paint the cap, the coat, the gloves, the tree, the eyes with pupils and eyebrows and to apply the glitter.

Quality Inspection

Before Santa Claus leaves our INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR, he needs to pass a quality check. If this is passed, Santa Claus receives our trademark, the Star Crown®. This guarantees hand-blown and hand-painted craftsmanship from Germany.

Herstellung Nikolaus aus Glas | Formenbau, Glasblasen, Versilbern
Herstellung Nikolaus aus Glas | Malen
Herstellung Nikolaus aus Glas | Qualitätprüfung

In the video you can see how our Santa Claus is created.


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