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07.02.2020 |  |  Marketing

Christmastrends 2020

Inges Christmas Decor presents the new trends at the Christmasworld in Frankfurt

Inges Christmas Decor is one of the European market leaders in the field of glass Christmas decorations. One reason for this is the trend themes developed and implemented in the three collections INGE-GLAS® Manufaktur, MAGIC by Inge and CHRISTMAS GOODS by Inge. At Inges Christmas Decor, good design corresponds to the passion for form and colour and the knowledge of what is technically feasible. With the current Christmas decoration trends, Inges Christmas Decor notices contemporary themes and never loses respect for the material glass.

More informations about the collections:

Discover the Christmas decoration trends of tomorrow

Every year, Inges Christmas Decor develops an extensive new trend collection, which is presented at Christmasworld every year.

  • Winter Woodland: Christmas 2020 will be natural. An idyllic forest atmosphere.
  • Timesless Twist: Christmas 2020 will be classical. Cosy classic checks. Tradition is simply timeless and boundless.
  • Nouveau Art: Christmas 2020 will be elegant. Rich decoration, precious materials and a touch of exotic charm.
  • Silent Home: Christmas 2020 will be like before. Childhood memories come back. Bright colours, soft shapes and matt surfaces. Inspired by nature. Inspired by nature.
  • Tender Rose: Christmas 2020 will be cheerful. Delicate colours, extravagant shapes and patterns. A gentle and sensetive mood. Cheerful details make our hearts smile.
  • Go Greenery: Christmas will be juicy. Green as far as the eye can see. But green is not just green. Who decides on one colour, doens’t have to do without variety.
  • Insta Xmas: Energetic colours. Red, blue, pink and purple combine to form a striking theme. Simply patterns and unusual motifs show Christmas from another side.

More informations about the trends:

Experience the trends in the showroom

In the Inges Christmas Decor showroom in Neustadt bei Coburg, Bavaria, the latest trends and the three different product lines are presented: INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR – hand-blown and handmade manufactured Christmas decorations, MAGIC by Inge – Christmas tree decorations from industrial production as well as CHRISTMAS GOODS by Inge – Christmas decoration. About 4,000 glass articles on an area of over 600 sq.m. arouse great enthusiasm among the visitors.



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