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Inge-Glas | Champage
19.05.2020 |  |  Marketing

Recipe for a fresh May Wine Punch

For the preparation of the May Wine Punch you need the following ingredients:

2 bottles of white wine (dry) or for the non-alcoholic version apple juice
1 bunch of woodruff, wilted
2 lemons or limes
1 bottle of sparkling wine (dry) or for the non-alcoholic version cold mineral water

Depending on taste:
Fresh fruit e. g. strawberries


  1. Pour the wine or juice into your punch bowl.
  2. Hang the bunch of woodruff on a string inside the wine or juice. – Attention! The ends must not be in the wine, otherwise bitter substances will release!
  3. Cut the lemons or limes into slices and stir them in carefully together with the mint.
  4. After 30 minutes, you take both the mint and the woodruff out of the bowl.
  5. After you have added the fresh fruits, you only have to pour cooled sparkling wine or cold mineral water and your homemade May Wine Punch is ready!

Tip: Freeze some of the fresh fruit beforehand; it is a great substitute for ice cubes!


Click here for the recipe.

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